Our CORE VALUE being "Solving unsolved Problems, Creatively and innovating breakthroughs, thereby being a catalyst in Social Change"
Whether it's the changing market dynamics, harnessing intellectual capital, people transformation or even perhaps mapping the knowledge of the organization Infopace provides seamless solutions that can enable the customer deal with the Change with ease and remain focused on the core competence of the organization, building the brand value. Read More >>

Community Change Projects



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    People dream of success we make it happen Have an idea about where you want your business to go ? need some assistance getting there? We are specialist at assisting our customers take their business to the next stage of Growth.

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    At Infopace we offer a complete incremental to radical consulting service. We have some of the best Industry Experts and offer unique access to specialist expertise and analytical tools.

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    We have worked with a variety of businesses varying from Non Profit, Education, Energy, Telecom, Automobile, Government, and Corporate to retail.

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News Bulletin

INFOPACE launches SME Acceleration 

Unique service of Go to Market ; funding and Pivoting  business to overcome and reach out in the COVID challeneges with high end expertise on technology platform and find strategies for customer acquisition 

Ipreneur Accelerator Programme 2019 Announced

INFOPACE annouces Ipreneur startup ACCELERATION Programme 2019. Applications are open from 25th Aug and closes on 10th Sept 2019.tThe application can be filled on www.ipreneur.in

INFOPACE signs MoU with SKIT 

MoU was signed on 14th August with Sri Krishna Institute of Technology SKIT  for incubation and fablab infra structure to enable waste management solutions to emerge as start ups on the campus as a domain center of excellence with ISETILAB Incubator Foundation and Vision karnataka Foundation.



“Kishor is very creative and has lot of stuff to present. His program on innovation management was very interesting to the innovation team at Provimi India and has catalyzed fresh thoughts and improved teams work plan.” June 12, 2010

- Pallipadi Radhakrishna, Director Innovation  Promivi

“ Infopace is excellence personified. I have seen their work both online and offline and kishor is a very inspiring mentor to be with. His timely tips and advice has helped me grow as an individual. His out of the box thinking is an asset to any company. Cheers!” May 31, 2009

-Rajiv Mathew, Global Marketing Specialist, ThoughtWorks Bangalore

“Kishor is really passionate about whatever he does. He shares his experiences and expertise for others to benefit and contributes his thoughts regularly at www.businessgyan.com. Others should emulate his quality of sharing.” June 18, 2009

-Balaji Pasumarthy, Owner, businessgyan


Case Study


This document envisages the change in policy making and highlights the strategic insight to how Karnataka in the next 30....

Building change management....

The following case study and associated interviews follow Ashland’s deployment of change management through the eyes of their key business....

Change Management

The client is a highly respected, award-winning, world-class specialist recruitment consultancy, established some 23 years with 80 UK-based staff. Its....


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